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hawabagh women&rsquos college, founded in 1928, stands near the bank of river narmada with its majestic building and a beautiful campus of natural scenic beauty away from the noisy and polluted environment of the city. the college is administered and maintained be the methodist church in india and has acquired its name from its locale &ldquohawabagh&rdquo. the college is the pioneer institute for women&rsquos education in madhya pradesh. the foundation of this noble institution was laid when miss e.l. clinton who was then the principal of johnson girls&rsquo school felt the need for english teachers&rsquo training. and within 10 months with the government&rsquos recogniton opened hawabagh teachers&rsquo training college with ms. hildegard schlemmer as the first principal. the classes were held in the portico of the missionary bungalow under the banyan tree with just two students and teachers. this was the humble beginning of this great college in the embryonic stage where campus today is dotted with majestic buildings, administrative blocks, assembly hall, library, gymnasium, suman bhawan, common room, canteen, and a large playground.

the institution has revolutionized women&rsquos education by fortifying its students, in the cultural and the productive aspects drawing out the best in body, mind and spirit since its inception

traditions in our campus have become sacred through accumulated traditional practices like regular chapel which has distinguished it from its kind. moral and religious preaching in the chapel caters to all round growth of the students with necessary spiritual buildup.