About Higher Education Department

 name of the college &ndash government dr. shyama prasad mukherjee science & commerce college, bhopal (old name benazeer college)

 place of the college - bhopal

 district - bhopal

 division - bhopal

 year of establishment of college &ndash 08/10/1982

 name and contact details( mail id , phone ) of principal &ndash dr. ragini tiwari, (incharge principal) (9303113697) e-mail id:- hegbsccbho@nic.in

 name , post and contact details of ( mail id, phone no.) of reporting in charge &ndash prof. rajni raina nee wanganeo, prof. of zoology (9425301478)

                 e-mail id:- rainarajni9@gmail.com