About Higher Education Department

government postgraduate . college, guna is geared up for the first cycle of accreditation by the prestigious national assessment and  accreditation council, banglore.

            govt. post graduate college, guna (m.p.) affiliated to jiwaji university gwalior is one of the most prestigious colleges of gwalior division. the motto of the college is &ldquolk fo|k k foeqäs&rdquo keeping the motto always in mind the college makes every effort to achieve excellence in academics and co-curricular activities.


                                                instituional core values


students, graduate and postgraduate, and their development are the purpose, incentive, and motivation for our work.  these are the aspirational core values we collectively embrace as we do our work:



we exhibit a willingness to cross boundaries and partnerships in order to strengthen our efforts.  we seek knowledge about each others&rsquo roles and responsibilities in order to collaborate effectively.  we build positive and empathetic relationships and partnerships with our local and global communities.



we contribute to an environment of honesty, truth, and respect for self and others and we hold each other accoun to such standards.  we respect the confidential nature of many aspects of our work and commit to maintaining confidentiality when appropriate and necessary.

commitment to quality


we comport ourselves in a professional manner. we embrace change and seek to continually improve.  we strive to demonstrate positive leadership skills in all settings and effectively communicate in all forms.  professional and personal development is valued, expected, and continuously encouraged.  we are pro-active and visionary in our planning efforts.  we work hard, work smart, and work intentionally.  we take pride in our work and our accomplishments. we challenge each other and our students to reach their potential while providing a caring and supportive environment.

personal and professional balance


we constantly learn, enjoy, and make the most of each day and its experiences.  we approach our roles with enthusiasm.  we discover or learn something everyday.  we take pride in the outcomes of our efforts.  we are cognizant of the fact that we are role models and mentors.  our actions demonstrate a value for the whole person and wellness.

holistic student development


we serve as advocates for students while empowering them to assume responsibility for their own experiences. we challenge students to achieve their full potential, academically and personally, and support them in their endeavors to do so.  we cultivate the learning and practicing of life skills and encourage students to strive for healthy balance in their lives.  we teach students to effectively manage life transitions.  we encourage students to be civically engaged with their surrounding communities.  we expect students to think openly and globally.  we assist students in developing leadership skills for life.