About Higher Education Department


government arts & science college, ratlam is a prominent center of learning and research in the entire district as well as in the jurisdiction of the vikram university, ujjain. situated in the historical city of ratlam, the institution, right from its inception has fed on the rich human, cultural, literary and scientific values embedded in the soils and the streams of malwa, the heart and the most ancient region of aryavarta, redolent of kalidas, bhoj and varahmihir.

government college, ratlam was originally designed as a school building. in the early fifties it rose to the stature of an inter collage and in the ate fifties along with the making of madhya pradesh, it came into being as degree college. in 1962 the knowledge hungry students and the disciplined peace loving citizens staged a historic agitation and the college attained the position of a post graduate college. govt. post graduate collage become a name.

students from the tribal area, dwelling in the hills of bajna and in the valley of the river mahi, flowing perennially through the rural pockets of the district and the urban sections of ratlam with their tints and colours, beliefs and traditions make a strange chiaroscuro.  

it  is this motley tribal rural and urban population of the district that dream and aspire higher education  or its grown-up sons and daughters and send them to the govt. post graduate college of arts and science, ratlam . most of the students keep up the dreams and aspirations of their parents. they struggle for the light and the light reaches them.

the college is distinguished in entire for entire region for the best examination results and achievements of its students in the field of sports, n.s.s. and n.c.c. it is no small achievement of students, parents, teachers and institution, if students placed in circumstances adverse, terrible and grim, by dint of their genius emerge to hold high positions in the different areas of life and community. government post graduate college of arts and science is proud of the fact that it has produced excellent statesmen, administrators, judges, scientists, journalists and writers. shri  himmat kothari, minister of home and transport , govt. of m.p., shri d.p.dube erstwhile home secretary, shri vijay wate, additional director general of police, govt. of m.p., shri suresh bafna, delhi bureau chief, nai dunia, dr. v.k. agrawal, head, x-ray astronomy division, tifr, mumbai, dr. harshed mehta, ceo, semiconductor technologies, usa are the few flowers of this prestigious college who made significant contributions towards the welfare of the society.

students accept the challenges of time and take the bull by horn. opening the floodgates of their energy they take up a fairly good number of courses at one and the same time. besides academic pursuits they make their presence felt on the play ground, in the regular parades and camps organized  by the ncc and nss units. state and inter state athletic meets, national integration, t.s.c. and army attachment camps, active participation in blood donation camps and youth festival, literary and cultural programs broaden their vision and deepen their understanding. a flower leaf is added to another flower leaf and one fine morning they are in full blossom. they grow up into execellent citizens and it is here that govt. college of arts and science realizes that something of its dreams has come true.

government p.g. arts & science college, ratlam has gained recognition in this region for the professional honesty and competence of the faculty members. seventy-four posts of teachers have been sanctioned to this college. at present 45 regular teacher are working. guest faculty temporarily serves remaining vacant posts. to assist the administration and teaching staff, 46 non-teaching employees have been working in this college. the annual budget of this college is more than 2 crore rupees. the unit cost of college education is about 5850/- per student.

the college has a very rich library containing more than 80,000 books on various subjects. it subscribes a good number of magazines and newspapers. the college also has a computer laboratory that has 40 computer systems. in future, it intends to purchase more systems and plans to computerize the entire functioning of the institution including the office and the library. it has a hostel, which provides accommodation and facilitates to the students  who come from outside places. it has a cell for looking after the grievances of the students dealing with the cases of ragging etc.