About Higher Education Department


government nehru post graduate college  agar malwa (mp) is a premier institution of  agar malwa district.  established in 1966 our building is situated in a semi urban area and has a widely spread campus which has play grounds and all other facilities.

agar malwa is situated on the border of rajasthan and is at a distance of the famous holy city ujjain, famous for holy temple of baba baijnath mahadev. agar malwa  is the 51st district of the madhya pradesh since 16 august, 2013. the college is affiliated to vikram university, ujjain.

the college was established in response to the dire need of young pillars of the nation, especially of the middle and backward section of society who instead of academic brilliance had no hope for higher education. the college fulfills its mission of creating an education environment for the spiraling development of young boys and girls under the scholarly guidance of the principal, teaching, nonteaching staff and with proper representation of student in various committees and activities.

the college provides education in all the three faculties &ndash science, arts and commerce. due to rapid changes caused by globalization, privatization and the growth of information technology, so many changes have taken place in the sphere of education throughout the world. the college administration has always taken these changes into account and has launched the self-finance professional programs. the courses have been started under the self-finance scheme with an aim to boost the employment opportunities.

the government has formed public participatory committee with the representative of the collector, professors of the college. the committee looks after the management of the college and raises funds to approve the infrastructural facilities in the college. the principal is the head of the college administration who functions on behalf of the government of madhya pradesh. the financial resources are generated by the madhya pradesh government, ugc , the public participatory committee and the fees collected from the students. the tuition fee and other fee structure is reviewed from time to time as per the guidelines issued by the government and recommended by the public participatory committee. the budget is distributed under the various heads as per the needs and the demands and the allocation made by the government. the principal is entitled to use the budget after the recommendation of the public participatory committee. the auditing of the expenditures is done regularly by the agencies of the government and also at the local level by a chartered accountant/government auditor.

admissions to various classes are given according to the instructions and the guidelines of the higher education department madhya pradesh. the whole of the admission process is on-line and transparent. availability of seats to undergraduate classes and post graduate classes is displayed on the portal of higher education department. most of the students who apply for admissions to undergraduate classes get a chance to study in the college. however, at the pg level, seats are limited and admissions are strictly given on the merit basis. the college provides sufficient flexibility and choice in the program options available to the students. there is sufficient diversity in the programmes available at both the pg and the ug levels and the students have the freedom to choose a program according to their interests and backgrounds. at the degree level, students can opt a bachelor program out of the available options. at the pg level students can choose a program out of the available options.

strict code of conduct is well structured for both the students and staff. campus protocol and behavior is monitored on a regular basis and is well kept a check upon.