Our Mission


 Govt. Science College, Jabalpur provides greater opportunities of access to Higher Education in science with equity to all the eligible persons to promote attraction to general science and research in diverse fields. 


“Enlightening young minds through pursuit of excellence in science education and in the process, instilling in them scientific temper i.e. inculcating an objective perception and give to their thinking societal dimensions arousing them with mean and motives to ameliorate the lives of multitude of their marginalized people.

Revised Mission and Goals Statement:

Government Science College, Jabalpur

Mission Statement

Inculcating scientific temper in young minds by enlightening quest for pursuit of excellence in science education for sustainable development.


1. To ensure holistic development of students in terms of knowledge, skills, self-reliance and sensitivity for human values and social responsibilities

2. To develop leadership and entrepreneurship qualities in students by providing platform to enhance their interacting abilities.

3. To collaborate and seek MoUs with other academic, research and industrial institutions/ organizations for reinforcement of education and research ecosystem.

4. To emphasize affective usage of ICT in addition to organize various programs and offer syllabi relevant to competitive examinations to promote academic growth.

5. To develop curiosity in students for cutting-edge technology, research and innovations for their contribution towards prosperity of the Nation.