Our Mission

The mission of the college

*To achieve excellence among students with equity and gender parity.

* To provide an education the builds strong character, sincere and responsible citizens of nation.

* To include new development in education into the curriculum so as promote academic advancement   leading to national development and national class academic standard.

*To promote awareness on ecological and environmental issues.

*To promote the students, who can preserve our cultural values, normals and ethics.

*To create research environment and E-libaray.

*To empower our tradition of academic excellence.

*Keeping the motto in mind the mission is to aroom students into better human better society.

*Excellence in career based and value based education research and training.

*Use of contemporang participant centric pedagogies teaching method.

*NAAC accreditation with in 3 years.

*Access of 25% SC,ST, minority with in five years.

To increase 20% employability with in five years.