Our Mission



Majority of students comes from scheduled caste and scheduled tribes category. Keeping the fact in mind regarding their cultural and local values, college aimed to provide value based education for the students.

To encourage the Baiga tribes of scheduled tribes category, to take higher education and try to get their maximum admission in college.

Sanjay Gandhi thermal powewr station, Bandhavgarg national park tiger reserve and coal mines gives the industrial importance to this place. College is trying to provide modern computerized education for the students.

College region is also famous for its dense lush green forest and forest products. It is also the objective of the college to educate the tribal belt student to uplift their intellect and professional skill in order to make them a good student, a good entrepreneur and a good citizen of the country.


College has its one more moto to provide special coachings to the economically weaker tribal students for different competitive exams.