S.No.Department NameUploaded OnNotice Title
1 Institute Genernal Adminstration12/09/2022 'alumni'
2 Institute Genernal Adminstration12/09/2022 'committee_2020-2021'
3 Institute Genernal Adminstration23/08/2022 'organogram of institution – graphical presentation'
4 Institute Genernal Adminstration23/08/2022 'institutional best practices'
5 Institute Genernal Adminstration05/08/2021 'certificate course'
6 Institute Genernal Adminstration25/06/2021 'institutional best practices'
7 Institute Genernal Adminstration25/06/2021 'student satisfaction survey 2019-2020'
8 Exam25/06/2021 'program outcome- 2019-2020'
9 Institute Genernal Adminstration24/06/2021 'code of conduct for students'
10 Institute Genernal Adminstration24/06/2021 'student satisfaction survey 2018-2019'
11 Institute Genernal Adminstration19/06/2021 'insitute best practices'
12 Institute Genernal Adminstration19/06/2021 'institutional distinctiveness'
13 Institute Genernal Adminstration19/06/2021 'infrastructure & maintenance'
14 Exam17/06/2021 'program outcome- 2018-2019'
15 Zoology03/09/2020 'bsc i year private'
16 Exam03/09/2020 'cover page private'
17 Geography02/09/2020 'ba ii year private'
18 Exam02/09/2020 'ba ii year private fc'
19 English02/09/2020 'ba ii year private'
20 Economics 02/09/2020 'ba ii year private'
21 Geography02/09/2020 'ba i year private'
22 Exam02/09/2020 'ba i year private fc'
23 English02/09/2020 'ba i year private'
24 Economics 02/09/2020 'ba i year private'
25 Commerce02/09/2020 'bcom ii year private fc'
26 Commerce02/09/2020 'bcom ii year private'
27 Commerce02/09/2020 'bcom i year private fc'
28 Commerce02/09/2020 'bcom i year private'
29 Mathematics02/09/2020 'bsc ii year private'
30 Exam02/09/2020 'bsc ii year private fc'
31 Chemistry / Chemical Sciences02/09/2020 'bsc ii year private'
32 Exam02/09/2020 'bsc i year private fc'
33 Chemistry / Chemical Sciences02/09/2020 'bsc i year private'
34 Sociology02/09/2020 'ma ii sem sociology private'
35 Sanskrit02/09/2020 'ma ii sem sanskrit private'
36 Political Science02/09/2020 'ma ii sem pol sc private'
37 History02/09/2020 'ma ii sem history private'
38 Hindi02/09/2020 'ma ii sem hindi lit private'
39 Geography02/09/2020 'ma ii sem geography private'
40 English02/09/2020 'ma ii sem english private'
41 Economics 02/09/2020 'ma ii sem eco private'
42 Commerce02/09/2020 'mcom ii sem private'
43 Mathematics02/09/2020 'msc maths ii sem private'
44 Sociology02/09/2020 'ba ii year private'
45 Sanskrit02/09/2020 'ba ii year private'
46 Political Science02/09/2020 'ba ii year private'
47 History02/09/2020 'ba ii year private'
48 Hindi02/09/2020 'ba ii year private'
49 Sociology02/09/2020 'ba i year private'
50 Sanskrit02/09/2020 'ba i year private'
51 Political Science02/09/2020 'ba i year private'
52 History02/09/2020 'ba i year private'
53 Hindi02/09/2020 'ba i year private'
54 Botany02/09/2020 'bsc ii year private'
55 Physics02/09/2020 'bsc ii year private'
56 Zoology02/09/2020 'bsc ii year private'
57 Botany02/09/2020 'bsc i year private'
58 Physics02/09/2020 'bsc i year private'
59 Mathematics02/09/2020 'bsc i year private'
60 Exam02/09/2020 'bsc i year pvt'
61 Institute Genernal Adminstration02/09/2020 'notice private ug pg'
62 Institute Genernal Adminstration04/03/2020 'action plan'