Our Objectives

·      To develop high caliber human resource

·      To create a learning environment conducive to research.

·      To promote gender parity in society

·      To enhance Indian ethos of pluralistic culture, secular traditions and values

·      To use education as a source of continual evolution of its stakeholders in the society

·      To provide a relevant and coherent general education for all the students. Assess student learning outcomes in scientific/critical thinking and quantitative reasoning; oral and writtencommunication; and information literacy.

·       To provide career programs to prepare students to enter the workforce and meet workforce

needs. Assess student learning outcomes at the course and program level. Regularly evaluate and

update courses, curricula, and programs.

·      To provide developmental education for underprepared students. Continue to implement

approaches that facilitate the progress of students through the developmental sequence. Assess

students’ success in college level courses.

·      To develop, encourage, and support effective and creative approaches to teaching and learning.

Regularly assess student learning outcomes.

·      To provide appropriate support services for all students that ensures success throughout the students’ college career. Evaluate and update key programs and services in response to student


·      To provide the necessary resources, both public and private, to support the institutional mission.