Our Objectives


  1. Goals

  • To Provide quality education. 

  •   a. To upgrade an ideal library and laboratory.

  •   b.To establish E-Learning centre. 

  • To improve  the employability of the students.

  • Goal 1-            To Provide quality education.



              To improve the quality education the institute needs  to provide basic knowledge in  their own respected subjects and to aware the latest challenge.



    1        Increase in on-time graduation rate by 4% every year for post graduate students.

    2        Increase in transition rate from first to second year by 3% every year.

    3        To increase the number of students getting more than 55% marks in the exams.

    4        Increase in on-time graduation rate by 5% every year for undergraduate students for three year course i.e. those who take admission in 2017 and will graduate in 2020.  For the subsequent years, the on-time graduation rate may increase up to 5%.





         Improving employability of the students




    ·         To provide short-term job oriented certificate courses such as Tally Accounting and GSTSoftware, Animation courses.etc.

    • Procure recourse persons for training
    • Awareness programmes about various employment opportunities.
    • Develop a tracking system to track students’ employability