Our Objectives

·       To provide qualitative and spiral education to students in different discipline.

·       To enhance infrastructural facilities according to strength of the students.

·       To augment e-learning resources for the students.

·       To introduce modern ICT devices to the students for their academic advancement.

·       To capacitate the students for state and national sports events by providing modern sports infrastructure and training.

·       To guide the students for all round development of their personalities.

·       To motivate the students for participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

·       To prepare the students for self employment in order to overcome the problem of unemployment.

·       To inspire the students for creating awareness among the people about the dangers of population explosion.

·       To create awareness of social responsibility among the students.

·       To inform students about present needs of the nation and prepare them for solution of problems of the nation.

·       To commit the students to maintain ecological balance and to enable the students to guide the masses in the fields of water harvesting and tree plantation.

·       To prepare the students for communicating modern developments in the fields of agriculture to the tribal farmers of Madhya Pradesh.

·       To create balance between educational outputs and social needs.

·       To inculcate the habits of self discipline among the students.

·       To impart value –based education to the students for creating leadership qualities to lead the society in future.

·       To prepare the students for providing the education to the illiterate masses in the society.