Our Vision

 To get A accreditation in 5 years and enhance emploability of oue students such that at least 60 % of them are employed or join P.G. within 6 months of passing out.( “Progress comes from proper application Of Knowledge” ) Job oriented education is very necessary in higher education .this traditional (B.A.,B.sc.,B.com) education

system can not provide job opportunity, so the main goal is to provide job oriented education in various field ,so that the student may able to get good job as well as start there own business after completing their college education .Uplift and use women power in society it is compulsory for us to make women self dependent and provide
them better carrier opportunities.Though the college is governed by the State Government, and the college administration is bound by the
policies framed by the Department of Higher Education from time to time, based on the locality, the local culture, occupation of the inhabitants, the kind of students that the college caters to, the language and dialect the locals speak, this college has some individual vision and mission. The primary objective of the college is to
cater to the higher educational needs of the rural students. The vision of the college is to develop the college as an educational hub with all modern facilities and open all branches of study for the student community which will provide them with equal opportunities as the urban student community. The college is striving
continuously towards achieving this goal. With limited resources and infrastructure, the college has come of age in carving a niche in the locality as a valuable centre of learning.