Library details

During the last four years, the college has moderately developed its facilities by spending the available resources efficiently. With the opening up of new Courses we also have many computers and accessories. The physical and academic facilities including classrooms, computer laboratories and computers have been provided to the students in the college. Constant power supply is ensured with inverters and online/offline UPS systems. In the laboratories, there are no equipments which require continuous water supply. For smooth functioning of the institution under the guidance of the head of the institution various committees have been formed to look after the various academic, cultural and literary activities. Computer lab is available to those students who opted for the subject during their

Total no. of Books : 12888 Total no. of CDs/VCDs : 39
Total no. Computers In Library : 4
Start date of E-Library : 03/01/2019
Total no. of News Papers per Day : 2
Total no. of Magzines per Month : 1