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 Institute Mission


Mission of the college is to realize the vision by the following stepss -

            Enrollment of students from weaker, backward section of the society has been increasing year by year in the college.

            Technology based education (Virtual class, Smart class, OHP, PPT, Visualizer etc.) is facilitated to students to prepare them for job opportunities.

            Recital of National Anthem and Madhya Pradesh Gaan is conducted every day in the college.

 The flag hoisting is done in the college every day.

            The goal of the college is to become a role model in the field of imparting quality education and to realize   the holistic development of its students.


            To realize and achieve the afore mentioned goals, the college has been formulating and following policies in various fields, significant for smooth running of an institution.  

            The college has potential for development. Efforts will be accelerated to make use of the potential optimally to make easy access to higher education to students of the locality and the rural area.



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