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 Institute Objectives

 Objectives :- The major considerations addressed to by the goal and objective of the college are Intellectual, Academic, Training, Access to the Disadvantaged, Equity, Self Development, Community & National Development, Ecology and Environment, Value Orientation, Employment etc.

New courses and subjects are adopted and implemented as per the requirement/needs of the society and area. Courses like-Soil Conservation& Water Management, Fisheries, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Computer Technology, Social Work and Business Administration are run by college apart from traditional courses. The candidates are also engaged in research activities in different fields, in science side like Fish Productivity, Water quality Conservation, Ethno botanic traditional medicinal system; in commerce management and economic labor welfare are the main topics of research;  in economics the rural development and women welfare schemes are the field of research; in history the historical background of the area is being rediscovered; in the field of political science the political and social status of society is studied before and after independence is the main subject of research; language based research activities are also actively done by faculty and students of the institute. The outcome of various research activities used in the government and NGO’s plans and schemes implemented for the area.

In the previous revision of syllabus of UG and PG classes' computer application, bioinformatics and use of IT in different fields and subjects is included in the syllabus by university and state Govt.

The college has no autonomy hence the syllabus is upgraded and prescribed by the university and department of higher education of state govt., MP.

Although most of senior members of the faculty are the chairman/member of board of studies in respective subjects, they put their suggestions and corrections in the curriculum design and development of various programmes. The professional courses and job-oriented courses, which are being run by the college, provide a skilled man power as per the need of the time


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