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principal message

it is an honour and privilege for me to bring warm greetings to you after having assumed charge as the principal of hawabagh women&rsquos college, a pioneer institute of women&rsquos education in madhya pradesh. since its inception in 1928, it has been steadily forging ahead, adapting to the changes in the world around it but retaining its core values of service, integrity and commitment towards society.i strongly believe that such a long service can only be possible with sovereign will and faithfulness of god.

the college aims at providing all round development to the students. highly motivated and qualified faculty members here constantly seek to upgrade their teaching methods in order to enhance the learning of the students which is supported by the cordial and efficient office and ministerial staff. in order to make them ready for the world, the college also promotes co-curricular activities such as debates, cultural programs etc. where our children have earned many laurels in the past. in all this we invoke the blessings of god through our regular devotions in the chapel, beginning of each day.

that the college will continue to strive towards academic excellence, social relevance and spiritual vitality shall be my main concern. i am confident that the college, with its rich legacy, besides being blessed by his divine hands, will be able to contribute richly in shaping young minds.

like the psalmist in the bible,we seek the light and wisdom of god for running this institution, and our prayer is reflected in our motto &ldquosend out thy light&rdquo(psalms 43:3). we also take it as a challenge to spread this light to all we come across and encourage our students and each one of us to contribute our best to the world, as is beautifully reflected in the words of this famous christian song.

there is a candle in every soul
some brightly burning, some dark and cold
there is a spirit who brings fire
ignites a candle and makes his home.

carry your candle, run to the darkness
seek out the hopeless, confused and torn
hold out your candle for all to see it

take your candle, and go light your world
take your candle, and go light your world.