Registration Documents

Document Type :
DocumentTypeIssue DateTitle
Other Relevant DocumentsN.A.01/01/1900 'Report of the Alumni'
Other Relevant DocumentsN.A.10/06/2018 'IQAC meeting 2017-18 minutes and action taken reports'
Other Relevant DocumentsN.A.06/03/2019 'Placed Student List'
Other Relevant DocumentsN.A.03/03/2019 'Achievement'
Other Relevant DocumentsN.A.04/03/2019 'Fisrt IQAC committee 2012'
Other Relevant DocumentsN.A.11/03/2019 'organizational Structure document'
Other Relevant DocumentsN.A.27/04/2010 'Recruitment Rules for teachers of MP govt. colleges 1990'
Other Relevant DocumentsN.A.03/01/2019 'strategy development and deployment document'
Other Relevant DocumentsN.A.01/02/2019 'All india survey of higher education certificate 2017-18'
University Affiliation LettersN.A.01/02/2019 'RDVV current year affiliation document'
UGC 12FN.A.01/02/2019 'ugc12 f recognition certificate'
Other Relevant DocumentsN.A.01/01/2019 'Non Teaching Faculty List'
Other Relevant DocumentsN.A.01/01/2019 'Teaching Faculty List'
UGC 2BN.A.02/06/2018 'UGC 2F & 12B Recognition'
University Affiliation LettersN.A.12/05/2017 'Affiliation to RDVV document'