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 Institute Vision


Vision :- Institute has a very clear vision that how the students can stand, face and fight with present day competitive world in various fields, those who are getting education here, and how they can establish themselves in the information based society. Our vision is also to impart knowledge and education to the students in order to mould them into the ideal citizens of the country.

The emblem of the college “The Eagle” describes the   main motto of the institute i.e. “Uchcheietam Sarva Karmasu” (mPpSLre loZdeZlq) which connotes a surpassing excellence, an Everest of achievement in any Endeavour. Students are taught and trained to discover their latent potentials, which could end into the utility of their education in life is the main mission of the college. All four base polls - students, teachers, staff members and stakeholders (parents) are combinedly makes efforts to achieve this mission.


Vision:- "Empowerment of Tribal community through Higher Education" 


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