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S.NO.DistrictCollege CodeInstituteURL 
1 BHOPAL2810Swami Vivekanand Government College, Berasia
2 SATNA1203Govt College, Amarpatan
3 Agar Malwa1904Govt Nehru P G College, Agarmalwa
4 DINDORI3504Govt Chandravijay College, Dindori
5 DEWAS2005Govt College, Khategaon
6 UJJAIN1811Govt Madhav Arts and Commerce College, Ujjain
7 HOSHANGABAD3201Govt Narmada College, Hoshangabad
8 DHAR2201Govt P G College, Dhar
9 INDORE2306Govt Sanskrit College, Indore
10 MANDSAUR1610Pt. Atal Bihari Bajpai Govt College, Pipaliyamandi
11 SHAHDOL1406Govt Arts and Commerce College beohari(M.P)
12 SIDHI1507Govt Arts and Commerce College, Majhauli
13 UJJAIN1806Govt Arts Science Commerce College, Nagda
14 SHIVPURI0503Govt Chhatrasal College, Pichhore
15 PANNAA0901Govt Chhatrasal P G College, Panna
16 CHHINDWARA3606Govt College, Amarwada
17 KATNI3312Govt College, Barhi
18 DAMOH1103Govt College, Hata
19 MORENA0106Govt College, Jaura
20 SHAJAPUR1907Govt College, Kalapipal
21 MANDLA3505Govt College, Nainpur
22 Agar Malwa1908Govt College, Nalkheda
23 ASHOKNAGARins3008Govt College, Sahrai
24 RATLAM1705Govt College, Sailana
25 BADWANI2404Govt Girls College, Badwani
26 SAGAR1007Govt Girls College, Bina
27 GUNA0602Govt Girls College, Guna
28 SIDHI1502Govt Girls College, Sidhi
29 BHOPAL2806Govt Gitanjali Girls P G College, Bhopal
30 BETUL3101Govt Jaywanti Haksar P G College, Betul
31 JABALPUR3304Govt M K B Arts and Commerce College, Jabalpur
32 BHOPAL2801Govt Motilal Vigyan Mahavidyalaya, Bhopal
33 NEEMUCH1605Govt R V College, Manasa
34 MANDLA3501Govt Rani Durgawati College, Mandla
35 SEHOREins1237Govt. College Baktara
36 DINDORIins1547Govt. College, Bajag
37 UJJAINins1554Govt. College, Maakdone
38 BHOPALins3155Angla Bhasha Shikshan Sansthan, Rajya Shikhsa Kendra
39 BHOPALins3263Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University
40 SHAJAPUR1901B K S N Govt College, Shajapur
41 INDORE2307Bherulal Patidar Govt P G College, Mhow
42 SEHORE2901Chandra Shekhar Azad Govt Lead College, Sehore
43 BHOPALins3154Composite Regional Centre for Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) - CRC
44 MORENAins3254Government College Dimani District Morena
45 SHIVPURIins3258Government College Dinara District Shivpuri
46 CHHATARPURins3252Government College Ghuwara District Chhatarpur
47 BHINDins3256Government College Gormi District Bhind
48 SAGARins3253Government College Jaisinagar District Sagar
49 GWALIORins3255Government College Pichore District Gwalior
50 MORENAins3257Government College Rajoudha District Morena