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S.NO.DistrictCollege CodeInstituteURL 
1 UJJAIN1812Govt Madhav Science College, Ujjain
2 NEEMUCH1607Govt Mahatma Gandhi College, Jawad
3 CHHATARPUR0803Govt Chhatrasal Maharaja College, Maharajpur
4 JABALPUR3305Govt College Ordinance Factory, Khamriya
5 SATNAins2799Govt College, Birsinghpur
6 SEONI3706Govt College, Chhapara
7 SAGAR1010Govt College, Khurai
8 JABALPUR3316Govt College, Majholi
9 ANUPPUR1412Govt College, Pushparajgarh
10 HOSHANGABADins3027Govt College, Seonimalwa
11 BHOPAL2806Govt Gitanjali Girls P G College, Bhopal
12 BHIND0206Govt Maharshi Arvind College, Gohad
13 SATNA1201Govt P G College, Satna
14 BHOPAL2803Govt Sarojini Naidu Girls P G College, Bhopal
15 BHOPAL2810Govt Swami Vivekanand Degree College, Berasiya
16 MANDSAURins1550Govt. College Shyamgarh
17 NARSINGHPUR3403Maharana Pratap Govt P G College, Gadarwada
18 INDORE2307Bherulal Patidar Govt P G College, Mhow
19 SEHORE2901Chandra Shekhar Azad Govt Lead College, Sehore
20 CHHATARPURA016Government Naveen College, Naugaon
21 HARDAins2802Govt Adarsh College
22 DINDORIins2996Govt Adarsh College, Shahpura
23 UMARIAins2801Govt Adarsh College, Umariya
24 SHEOPURins2800Govt Adarsh Girls College, Sheopur
25 BHOPAL2801Govt Adarsh Motilal Vigyan Mahavidyalaya, Bhopal
26 GWALIOR0303Govt Adarsh Science College, Gwalior
27 REWA1301Govt Adarsh Science College, Rewa
28 BALAGHAT3803Govt Aranya Bharti College, Baihar
29 BHOPAL2808Govt Arts & Commerce College, Malviya Hostel, Bhopal
30 HARDA3207Govt Arts and Commerce College, Harda
31 SHAHDOL1407Govt Arts and Commerce College, Jaysinghnagar
32 SEONI3704Govt Arts and Commerce College, Kewlari
33 SIDHI1507Govt Arts and Commerce College, Majhauli
34 GWALIOR0310Govt Arts and Commerce College, Mohna
35 INDORE2313Govt Arts and Commerce College, Rau
36 SAGAR1001Govt Arts and Commerce College, Sagar
37 PANNAA0906Govt Arts and Commerce College, Shahnagar
38 RATLAM1701Govt Arts and Science P G College, Ratlam
39 CHHINDWARA3607Govt Arts College, Sausar
40 DAMOH1106Govt Arts College, Tendukheda
41 UJJAIN1806Govt Arts Science Commerce College, Nagda
42 HOSHANGABAD3212Govt Arts, Commerce and Science College, Sukhtawa
43 SHAJAPUR1901Govt Balkrishna Sharma Navin P G College, Shajapur
44 RATLAM1704Govt Bhagatsingh P G College, Jaora
45 GWALIOR0307Govt Bhagawat Sahay College, Gwalior
46 DINDORI3504Govt Chandravijay College, Dindori
47 SHIVPURI0503Govt Chhatrasal College, Pichhore
48 PANNAA0901Govt Chhatrasal P G College, Panna
49 PANNAA0907Govt College, Ajaygarh
50 BHINDins1415Govt College, Akoda
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