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1 6/20/2019 6:18:00 PMBHOPALGovt Sarojini Naidu Girls P G College, BhopalFacilityBoys ToilettsetFunctionaltest  not Uploaded
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S.NoInstitute Student NameYearAttendance (%)IMEI NoSerial NoIssue Date
1 Govt Kamla Nehru Arts College, BalaghatPratima Uikey2015-16759115XXXXXX71SMH113AX03293May 28 2017 1:17PM
2 Govt Kamla Nehru Arts College, BalaghatRiya 2015-16799115XXXXXX41SMH113AX03280May 28 2017 1:13PM
3 Govt Kamla Nehru Arts College, BalaghatPreeti 2015-16759115XXXXXX51SMH113AX03246May 28 2017 1:09PM
4 Govt Kamla Nehru Arts College, BalaghatAshvini Sinhmare2015-16759115XXXXXX01SMH113AX03282May 26 2017 1:33PM
5 Govt Kamla Nehru Arts College, BalaghatArchana Bisen2015-16779115XXXXXX61SMH113AX03265May 24 2017 4:01PM
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